About Susa


I aim to make capitalism subservient to art. In my mind capitalism has for too long eaten art. I want to reverse that. For a long time, I have lived and operated in a raw capitalist reality – I know how it smells and how it tastes. For now, I am not judging it.

The Stock Paintings are almost conceptual art. I use company stock prices as symbols. The pre-work is extensive from downloading raw data to producing graphs that appeal to me. Subsequently, I apply paint to the canvas according to the elements of the graphs and then immerge into applying different techniques.

Liquidity Paintings are a different animal. Liquidity touches both, capitalism and paint. However, here is the difference: Capitalism dies without liquidity, paint needs it to start with, but then – dried up – becomes stronger.

All in all, what is important is what the painting is doing with YOU. Is it arting?